2016-07-04 15:07
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在代码注释中指定Go构建标志“ -H = windowsgui”

I am creating a desktop Windows application in Go. Currently I use this line to install it:

go install -ldflags -H=windowsgui

I want users to be able to just say

go get github.com/my/app

and automatically have the windowsgui flag specified for building. Is it possible to add the flag as a code comment, like #cgo comments. Or would I have to provide a make file in the project directory like in the old days of Go? Or is it not possible at all?

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我正在Go中创建桌面Windows应用程序。 目前,我使用此行进行安装:

去安装-ldflags -H = windowsgui

我希望用户 可以说


并自动拥有 Windowsgui 标志指定用于构建。 是否可以将标志添加为代码注释,例如 #cgo 注释。 还是像Go过去一样,必须在项目目录中提供一个 make 文件? 还是根本不可能?

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  • dregvw1801 2016-07-05 01:20

    Bad news, you can't.

    Semi-good news, you can tell your users to use go get -ldflags "-H windowsgui" github.com/my/app on Windows.

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