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In golang-migrate's documentation, it is stated that you can run this command to run all the migrations in one folder.

docker run -v {{ migration dir }}:/migrations --network host migrate/migrate
    -path=/migrations/ -database postgres://localhost:5432/database up 2

How would you do this to fit the syntax of the new docker-compose, which discourages the use of --network?

And more importantly: How would you connect to a database in another container instead to one running in your localhost?

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  docker run -v {{迁移目录}}:/ migrations-网络主机migration / migrate 
 -path = / migrations /-数据库postgres:// localhost:  5432 /数据库启动2 

您如何执行此操作以适应新的docker-compose的语法,从而不鼓励使用-network < / code>?


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