2019-04-16 10:44
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将与Mongo Go官方驱动程序mongo-go-driver(mgo中的session.SetMode)的会话的一致性规则设置为单调

We're switching to the official driver, away from the deprecated mgov2

In mgo we set the session mode to be monotonic like this:

myMongoSession.SetMode(mgo.Monotonic, true)

My understanding of doing so is to ensure: "If a process reads the value of a data item x, any successive read operation on x by that process will always return that same value or a more recent value."

This is important for us

How would I do this using the official driver? I can't find a reference to doing so

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我这样做的理解是确保:“如果某个进程读取数据项x的值,则该进程对x进行的任何后续读取操作将始终返回相同的值或更新的值。” < / p>


我该如何使用官方驱动程序进行操作? 我找不到这样做的参考

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