2017-09-29 08:18
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golang运行时:无法创建新的OS线程(已具有2049; errno = 12)

I created lots of goroutines on MacOs, and there was an error emitted when program executing.

goRoutineId = 3710, i = 3683, len(chan) = 2049
runtime: failed to create new OS thread (have 2049 already; errno=12)
fatal error: runtime.newosproc

So I wonder what the "failed to create new OS thread" means, is that an operating system limitation, of just golang has no ability to create more goroutine? Thank you for helping me.

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我在MacO上创建了许多goroutine,并且在程序执行时发出了错误。</ p>

  goRoutineId = 3710,i = 3683,len(chan)= 2049 
runtime:无法创建新的OS线程(已有2049; errno = 12)
 <  / code> </ pre> 

所以我想知道“无法创建新的OS线程”是什么,仅仅是golang的操作系统限制无法创建更多goroutine吗? 谢谢 为我提供帮助。</ p> </ div>

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