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从main访问Inner Scope中的Struct数据并在Golang中将其保存到csv

appendStruct function is designed to run in multiple threads in order to collect and append DataItem into DataContainer. So far I can print the result from inner appendStruct Q1: how to access and print container from main, Q2: save that struct data type to csv from main ?

package main

import "fmt"

type DataItem struct {
    name string

type DataContainer struct {
    Items []DataItem

func (box *DataContainer) AddItem(item DataItem) []DataItem {
    box.Items = append(box.Items, item)
    return box.Items

func appendStruct() {
    items := []DataItem{}
    container := DataContainer{items}

    item1 := DataItem{name: fmt.Sprintf("Item1")}
    item2 := DataItem{name: fmt.Sprintf("Item2")}


    var ss = fmt.Sprintf("", container)

func main() {



OUTPUT from go run test.go is:

%!(EXTRA main.DataContainer={[{Item1} {Item2}]})

re Q1. "encoding/csv" has to implement string interface [][]string there is a hint how to approach it in Write struct to csv file but lacks implementation example.

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  • duanbarong4617 2017-08-02 16:59

    In appendStruct, container is a local variable, so it's not accessible outside that function call. You could return it, which would make it accessible from the caller (in this case, main):

    func appendStruct() DataContainer {
        return container
    func main() {
        container := appendStruct()

    The answer you linked is an excellent starting point. A code example shouldn't really be necessary - they're basically recommending that you create a helper method/function that takes all the fields of the struct and puts them into a slice in whatever order you want them to appear in the CSV, e.g.:

    func (c DataItem) ToSlice() []string {
        row := make([]string, 1, 1) // Since you only have 1 field in the struct
        row[0] = c.name
        return row

    Then you can loop over these to write them to a CSV file.

    The error output you're getting is because you're using Sprintf, which expects a format string as the first parameter with a reference for each other argument. You're passing an empty format string, which would only work with no other arguments (and be pointless). Perhaps you meant Sprintf("%v", container) or just Sprint(container)?

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