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Setting the GOPATH variable global as an enviroment variable works fine with Visual Studio Code.

But setting a project specific variable globally doesn't seem very nice to me. Consider you have multiple Go projects, you would have to change this variable each time you, compile, debug, ... etc. a project.

Is there a possibility to set the GOPATH variable as a project variable in Visual Studio Code? Ether in settings.json or launch.json?

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  • dqknycyt92288 2016-11-21 09:03

    Go 1.5 added the vendor directory that allows a per-project dependency management.

    If there is a source directory d/vendor, then, when compiling a source file within the subtree rooted at d, import "p" is interpreted as import "d/vendor/p" if that path names a directory containing at least one file with a name ending in “.go”.


    This feature has been enabled by default with Go 1.6:

    Go 1.5 introduced experimental support for a “vendor” directory that was enabled by an environment variable. In Go 1.6, the feature is now enabled by default.


    Even with the 1.6 version, depending on the tools you use, you might need to set the GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT environment variable to 1 (export GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT=1 on unix-based OS)

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