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Setting the GOPATH variable global as an enviroment variable works fine with Visual Studio Code.

But setting a project specific variable globally doesn't seem very nice to me. Consider you have multiple Go projects, you would have to change this variable each time you, compile, debug, ... etc. a project.

Is there a possibility to set the GOPATH variable as a project variable in Visual Studio Code? Ether in settings.json or launch.json?

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GOPATH 变量全局设置为环境变量可以在Visual Studio Code中正常使用。 / p>

但是全局设置项目特定的变量对我来说似乎并不好。 考虑到您有多个 Go 项目,您每次在项目中进行编译,调试等操作时都必须更改此变量。

是否可以在Visual Studio Code中将 GOPATH 变量设置为项目变量? settings.json launch.json 中的以太币?

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  • dqknycyt92288 2016-11-21 09:03

    Go 1.5 added the vendor directory that allows a per-project dependency management.

    If there is a source directory d/vendor, then, when compiling a source file within the subtree rooted at d, import "p" is interpreted as import "d/vendor/p" if that path names a directory containing at least one file with a name ending in “.go”.


    This feature has been enabled by default with Go 1.6:

    Go 1.5 introduced experimental support for a “vendor” directory that was enabled by an environment variable. In Go 1.6, the feature is now enabled by default.


    Even with the 1.6 version, depending on the tools you use, you might need to set the GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT environment variable to 1 (export GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT=1 on unix-based OS)

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  • duanbo1659 2016-11-21 08:53

    The GOPATH is your workspace and it's divided in

        |- bin/
        |- pkg/
        |- src/ <--- your projects are saved here
            |- .../my_project1
            |- .../my_project2

    With this separation, your don't need to set a new GOPATH for each project. I recommend you read How to Write Go Code

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  • dongxia4880 2017-05-28 07:55

    (Q2 2018: Note that with the vgo project, GOPATH might end up being deprecated in favor of a project-based workflow. That would avoid the manual project-based GOPATH I was proposing below, two years ago)

    With Go 1.11 (August 2018), GOPATH can be optional, with modules.

    It is more and more supported with VSCode:

    In addition to vendor folder, you still can have one GOPATH per project.

    See "GOPATH from go.inferGopath setting":

    GOPATH from go.inferGopath setting

    Setting go.inferGopath overrides all of the above.
    If go.inferGopath is set to true, the extension will try to infer the GOPATH from the path of the workspace i.e. the directory opened in vscode. It searches upwards in the path for the src directory, and sets GOPATH to one level above that.

    For example, if your project looks like /aaa/bbb/ccc/src/..., then opening the directory /aaa/bbb/ccc/src (or anything below that) will cause the extension to search upwards, find the src component in the path, and set the GOPATH to one level above that i.e. GOPATH=/aaa/bbb/ccc.

    This setting is useful when you are working on different Go projects which have different GOPATHs. Instead of setting the GOPATH in the workspace settings of each project or setting all the paths as ;/: separated string, you can just set go.inferGopath to true and the extension uses the right GOPATH automatically.

    GOPATH for installing the Go tools using go.toolsGopath

    By default, all the dependent Go tools are used from the GOPATH derived from the above logic.
    If they are available on your PATH, the PATH is used to locate the Go tools.
    If the Go tools are not in your path, you might end up with the same Go tools installed in each of your GOPATHs.
    To prevent the Go tools from cluttering your GOPATH, use the go.toolsGopath setting to provide a separate location for the Go tools.

    The first time you set go.toolsGopath, you will have to run Go: Install Tools command so that the Go tools get installed in the provided location.

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  • douji1877 2018-06-30 06:14

    set workspace settings, in windows:

    1. goto settings: ctrl+,
    2. set workspace setting:

           "go.gopath": "d:\\gopath;E:\\src"

    use ; for multiple path

    1. restart visual studio code to take effect.
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