dsgw3315 2018-02-04 17:48
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I want to get contents of html.Node as a string.


<div id="my-node">
  <p>First paragraph</p>
  <p>Second paragraph</p>

Given myNode := html.Node("#my-node") (pseudocode), I want to retrieve entire above html as a string. Indentation does not matter.

I couldn't find anything on the internet except iterating over contents of node - myNode.NextSibling but its over complicated and I'm pretty sure there has to be easier way.

Update: I'm reffering to golang.org/x/net/html package.

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  • du9757 2018-02-05 17:14

    I get what you mean, I use a lot of this in tests.

    What you need is already in the same x/net/html package - you can Render the Node to a bytes.Buffer then get a string out of it:

    var b bytes.Buffer
    err := html.Render(&b, node)
    return b.String()

    Please read the doc how rendering is done on the best effort basis - but it will probably fit you.

    PS. You can consult how it's used in a more real project of mine: https://github.com/wkhere/htmlx/blob/master/finder.go#L32-L39 https://github.com/wkhere/htmlx/blob/master/finder_test.go#L73

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