douxian7808 2017-06-13 22:55
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I have am xsd describing an XML schema and I am trying to write the representation of this xsd in go structures so I am able to marshal/unmarshal XML based on this schema.

Here is some go playground code I wrote to reproduce the problem I am having.

In the schema, the tags video and web are dynamic (as in they can both appear under media more than once and have different content inside).

I attempted writing a dynamic struct along with the Unmarshaller/Marshaller interface as the example shows and I seem to be able to perform the parsing but it unmarshals/marshals the internal content incorrect ignoring the Name and URL lists, only taking one element of each.

I am uncertain what the issue is here.

Any help on the matter is appreciated

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  • dongzhuan1185 2017-06-13 23:09

    I have modified your sample here Change your definition to following:


    type Series struct {
       Name []Name `xml:"name"`


    type Website struct {
       Url []Url `xml:"url"`
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