2018-07-16 04:06


  • grafana

I've been trying to build grafana from its source code on windows by following the instructions here

I am stuck and am failing to set the GOPATH path properly. I set it to the default go directory in C:\myname but whenever I try to change to that directory using the command "cd $GOPATH/src/" it says the system cannot find the specified path. And even if I put the path manually and in the directory try to run "go run build.go setup" the system cannot find the file specified.

If someone could help me that'd be great!

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  • dongxiong5546 dongxiong5546 3年前

    Try to create a new empty folder:

    mkdir C:\myFolder
    cd C:\myFolder
    set GOPATH=C:\myFolder
    go get

    That should create a src\\grafana\grafana folder, with the sources inside.

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