2019-08-17 06:51
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其他函数可以共享单个defer func()吗?

I see a lot of examples using defer func() inside of a function. Is there a way to keep from repeating it in various places and call it like a normal function?

In this example (and many others) the defer function is nested inside of another function:

package main

import (

func main() {
    defer func() {
        if err := recover(); err != nil {
            fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Exception: %v
", err)

    file, err := os.Open(os.Args[1])
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Could not open file")

    fmt.Printf("%v", file)

Is there a way to move the defer func() outside of main() so it can be used by other functions as well?

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我看到了很多在函数内部使用defer func()的示例。 有没有办法避免在各个地方重复它并像普通函数一样调用它?

在此示例(以及许多其他示例)中,defer函数嵌套在另一个函数内:< / p>

“ fmt” 
“ os” 
func main(){
 如果err:= recovery();  err!= nil {
 fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr,“ Exception:%v 
文件,err:  = os.Open(os.Args [1])
,如果出错!= nil {
 fmt.Printf(“%v”,文件 )

是否可以将defer func()移动到main()之外,以便其他功能也可以使用它?

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  • douxuqiao6394 2019-08-17 06:57

    You can defer any function. Where that function is defined isn't important.

    This is perfectly valid:

    func foo() {
        // Do foo
    func bar() {
        defer foo()
        // Do something before foo
    func baz() {
        defer foo()
        // Do something else before foo

    But in this case foo() will be called once for each invocation of bar() and baz(). It's not "shared", except in the sense that you don't have to re-write an anonymous function multiple times.

    Probably the most common example of this is calling Close() in a defer statement:

    func foo() error {
        f, err := os.Open(...)
        if err != nil {
            return err
        defer f.Close() // "Close()" is obviously not defined here
        // do something with f


    You cannot share a defer statement across functions. But as with any other function, the function invoked by defer, can be called from multiple places.

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