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I've tried to rewrite a working program which didn't use select or WaitGroup, so that it would implement select and WaitGroup, but I've came upon an issue, which I can't find a solution to. It seems that goroutine deadlock occurs, because the Manager function is not taking the data from the writer channel, therefore the channel is blocked from sending/receiving and the program locks up.

The original working Manager function, without select :

func Manager(list *[]Request, writerChan <-chan int) {
    ageIn, writersOpen := <-writerChan
    for {
        if writersOpen { // if writers channel is open

            Add(list, Request{Value: ageIn, Count: 1}) // putting new object to list
            ageIn, writersOpen = <-writerChan          // receiving new player from writer channe;

        } else {

So I had a working program, but needed to implement WaitGroup and select, there are the updated codes :

The updated Manager function with select implemenation :

func Manager(list *[]Request, writerChan <-chan int) {
    defer waitGroup.Done()
    for {
        select {
        case ageIn := <-writerChan:
            Add(list, Request{Value: ageIn, Count: 1}) // add player to list

The updated Main function with WaitGroup implementation :

var waitGroup sync.WaitGroup

func main() {
    list := ParallelList{List: make([]Request, 0)}
    readers, teams, players := ReadData("data.txt")
    writerChan := make(chan int)          //any2one writers channel
    writerFinishChan := make(chan int, 6) // channel to know when all writers are done writing


    for i := 0; i < len(teams); i++ {
        go Writer(teams, teams[i], writerChan, writerFinishChan)

    go Manager(&list.List, writerChan)

The Writer function which sends data to writerChan

func Writer(teams [][]Player, team []Player, writerChan chan<- int,
    writerFinishChan chan int) {
    defer waitGroup.Done()
    count := len(team)
    for i := 0; i < count; i++ {
        writerChan <- team[i].Age
    writerFinishChan <- 1 // when writer finishes writing, he puts 1 to the "writerFinishChan"

    if len(writerFinishChan) == len(teams) { // if all writers are done writing (the len should be equal to 6)

So the problem now is that after implementing select and WaitGroup my program doesn't work properly anymore, it gives me a "fatal error : goroutines asleep, deadlock".

Maybe someone can help me up with sorting out this issue? I'm quite sure that the issue lies within the Manager function and it's select block

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  • dougudu3564 2018-12-03 16:40

    It looks like your logic to exit the Manager func is now different. Before you waited for the channel to be closed, however now you don't check at all. In fact Manager will never exit. This also implies that the WaitGroup will never be done.

    I think the select in Manager it not necessary. If you are closing the channel, then just range over it:

    for ageIn := range writerChan {
      Add(list, Request{Value: ageIn, Count: 1}) // putting new object to list

    This will properly exit when the writerChan is closed.

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