2017-10-23 11:03



I want to configure the GoLang GB compiler for the projects in my local. based on the documentation given in the url I am trying to get the gb compiler using the command enter image description here

its returning status code 128. I am unable to understand whats happening here as there is no reference to resolve this issue.

adding GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 or 2 is not helping as its not giving any other valuable details as output.

$ GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 go get -u -v
$ (download)
$ # cd .; git clone 
  Cloning into 'C:\work\GitHub\GoLib\src\\constabulary\gb'...
  package exit status 128

Still getting the avove output

below is the output when not using -u

$ GIT_TRACE=2 go get -v (download)
# cd .; git clone 
17:20:25.818538 git.c:328               trace: built-in: git 'clone' 
'' 'C:\work\GitHub\GoLib\                                                
17:20:25.867542 run-command.c:626       trace: run_command: 'remote-https' 
'origin' ''
Cloning into 'C:\work\GitHub\GoLib\src\\constabulary\gb'...
17:20:25.970553 git.c:560               trace: exec: 'git-remote-https' 
'origin' ''
17:20:25.970553 run-command.c:626       trace: run_command: 'git-remote-
https' 'origin' ''
package exit status 128
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  • dongmeng1868 dongmeng1868 4年前

    I tried to resolve the issue for a couple of days. In My configuration I was on organizational GitHub and the codelibrary I was trying to get was from So I thought that might be causing the issue. But that was not true.

    I suspected that there is somethisng wrong with the git configuration. as even Organizational github account was not accessible. I tried a lot of solutions from multiple threads.. nothing worked.

    Then I ultimately uninstalled GitHub and tortoise git from My machine and installed it again. and did the complete git configuration setup on my machine from scratch.

    It Worked.

    What caused that issue in first place was identified when I went to uninstall git. Instalation date was the date when the issue started. So i suspect that there was some faulty update installed for git unknowingly and that caused this issue.

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