2018-08-14 10:20
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I try create package config in my example project but something doesn't work as I expected, I have folder structure:

config/config.go // package config
main.go  // package main

and I want use config in my main file:

func main() {
    conf := config.GetConf()

    db := dbConn{
        schemas:  map[string]*sql.DB{},
        url:      fmt.Sprintf("tcp(%s)", conf.db['dev']),
        username: db.user,
        password: db.password,

my config file:

type Config struct {
    db         map[string]string
    user     string
    password string

func GetConf() *Config {
    config := Config{
        db: map[string]string{
            "dev": "database.url",
        user: "root",
        password: "pass",

    return &config

compiler return error: conf.db undefined (cannot refer to unexported field or method db)

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