2016-09-26 05:21
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I am using postgres as my database and https://github.com/lib/pq as library. I am updating a record using prepared statement

stmt, _:= db.Prepare("UPDATE account set status='deleted' where id= $1")   
defer stmt.Close()
result, _:= stmt.Exec(accountId)
success, _:= result.RowsAffected()

And I noticed that the even if the row is already updated with the status=deleted update query always returns success=1. Is there any way we can differentiate between already updated row and not yet updated row?

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我正在使用postgres作为我的数据库和 https://github.com/lib/pq 作为库。 我正在使用准备好的语句更新记录

  stmt,  _:= db.Prepare(“更新帐户集状态=“已删除”,其中id = $ 1”)
defer stmt.Close()
result,_:= stmt.Exec(accountId)
success,_:= result.RowsAffected  ()

我注意到,即使该行已使用status = deleted update查询更新,也总是返回success = 1。 有什么方法可以区分已经更新的行和尚未更新的行?

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