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I have a problem with my script.

I Insert in my bdd my mails thanks to the Outlook API. To make an Insert I get the source code of my mail then insert it, so far no problem.

After that I make a select to display the mail in another page. My problem is that

the source code is not interpreted

, it shows me all the tags, I don't understand why it doesn't read them.

my echo that displays my emails following the SELECT. My variable $result[body] displays the source code of the email... How do I force it to convert?

 echo nl2br('<!DOCTYPE html>'.'<div class="emailBody">'.'<div class="list-group-item-heading premier">' . $result[from_mail] . '</div>' ."
". '<div class="second">' . $result[recei] .'</div>' ."
". '<div id="post1" class="trois azerty">' . '<p class="azerty bodypreview_1">' . $result[subject]. '</p>'."
".'<div class="demasquer">' .'<p class="body_1">'.$result[body].'</p>'.")".'</div>'.'</div>'. '</div>');

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