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I'm doing a project using Laravel 4.2. In my project I have a form which is used to create a new Course. It has a dynamic part which is used to add Subjects to the Course. When someone presses the Add button it will pop up another form to fill in the Subject details. When Save is pressed the values will be stored in a session array until post.

My question is:

Is it good to keep subjects values in the session, or is any their better way handle dynamic form fields?

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  • 胖鸭 2015-05-22 19:42

    Session Array should be used to carry user information from one page to another but saving form data in session is not an good option. What you can do is use $_POST[] array to save the form data and receive on other side using $_POST['value']. It would have been better if you would have provided some of the code.




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