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I'm trying to update an h3 with the id data using Ajax. The Ajax uses a get request to retrive data from an API, but for some reason the html is not being updated.

This is what the json data looks like {ticker: "TEST", Price: 7876}

I tried to change $('#data').text(data[0].data[]); to $('#data').text(data[ticker].data[]);, for example, but it didn't work either.

I added a console.log(data[0]) to debug it, and the data normally appears in my console.

function doPoll(){

    $.get('http://localhost:8000/tst/', function(data) {
        setTimeout(doPoll, 1000);


And this is the html part to be updated:

<h3 id="data"></h3>

Basically instead of that h3 there should be my data updated every tot seconds, but at the actual moment nothing appears.

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