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I'm trying to do "show more" button with ajax to show new results every click

<input type="hidden" id="direction" value="{$page+1}" />
<script type="text/javascript">

    var ajax_url = "../profile/results_ajax/";
    var direction = parseInt( $('#direction').val() );
        url: ajax_url + direction,
        type : "POST",
        dataType :"html",
        success : function(msg){
            $('#direction').val(direction + 1);


<div style="float: right;width:72%;margin-right:20px;">
<table width="100%" style="border-bottom:0px;">
<tr class="tbl">
<td colspan="4">{$ci->lang->line('results_archive')}</td>
<td class="tbl1" style="width: 50%;">{$ci->lang->line('exam_title')}</td>
<td class="tbl2" style="width: 15%;">{$ci->lang->line('score')}</td>
<td class="tbl1" style="width: 15%;">{$ci->lang->line('percentage')}</td>
<td class="tbl2" style="width: 20%;">{$ci->lang->line('date')}</td>
{foreach $results as $result}
<td class="tbl1" style="width: 50%;">{$result.id}.{$result.exam_title}</td>
<td class="tbl2" style="width: 15%;">{$result.score} / {$result.full_mark}</td>
<td class="tbl1" style="width: 15%;">{$result.percentage}%</td>
<td class="tbl2" style="width: 20%;">{date('d-m-Y',{$result.date})}</td>
<div id="results_ajax" style="display:none;"></div>
<button id="show_more">Show More</button>

so this is my code , but i've small problem, i want to do some loading effect every click, but (fadeIn) effect appears in the first time only, after that the new results appears without any effects, the table appears direct !

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