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I have a search input #submit, once an ISBN is submitted a div fades in below showing the results (from Google Books Api). I then have a button 'Add to Library' #add - this successfully adds the info into my db via Ajax and fades out the div, all good so far.

However when I input another ISBN and click #submit - nothing appears. The div is still hidden (or faded out). How can I make the div 'reset' to it's default setting after it has faded-out? I have to manually refresh the page each time I want to search.

I am most likely doing something very silly as I am new to JS, however any help/direction is much appreciated. I have been looking at the jQuery fadeToggle() Method - is this correct?

My Code

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#submit').click(function(ev) {

            $("#add").prop('disabled', false);
            $.each(data.items, function(entryIndex, entry){
                var html = '<div class="results well">';   
                html += '<h3>' + ( entry.volumeInfo.title || '' )+ '</h3>';  
                html += '<hr><button id="add" name="add">add to library</button>';

                $('#add').click(function(ev) {

                        type: 'POST',
                        url: 'addIsbnScript.php',
                        data: {
                            'isbn' : isbn,
                            'title' : entry.volumeInfo.title
                        success: function () { //when form has been submitted successfully do below
                            $('.result').fadeOut(1000); //fade out the results div
                        }//end success function
                    });//end ajax
                });//end add button funct 
            });//end of each function
        });//end getJSON
    });// end submit.click
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