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AngularJS CORS Web API调用

I am trying to make a request to the Eventbrite API. I can successfully make a call from Postman (chrome extension similar to fiddler)

url: https://www.eventbriteapi.com/v3/users/me/owned_events

Header: authentication : Bearer Y5R3SQRPRZBULIHYQHTD

This successfully gets back what I'm looking for. When I try to make the same call through AngularJS

function getLiveEvents() {
    return $http.get(url, {
        cache: true,
        headers: {
            'Authorization': 'Bearer Y5R3SQRPRZBULIHYQHTD',
            'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
            'Accept': '*/*',
    }).then(function (response) {
        return response.data;

I always get the error XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://www.eventbriteapi.com/v3/users/me/owned_events?status=live. The request was redirected to 'https://www.eventbriteapi.com/v3/users/me/owned_events/?status=live', which is disallowed for cross-origin requests that require preflight.

Is there something I can do with my AngularJS request so that it will be successful?

FYI: The access-token is real, I'm not concerned about someone using it because it's just a test account.

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