2020-11-29 03:20
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想咨询一个MILP建模的题 很急!!

1. a set of exams,E
2. a single exam room that can seat C students
3. the number of students writing each exam. For exam i in the set E, Ci is the number of students writing exam i
4. a set of pairs of exams, P that are in conflict. That is, any exam pair(i,j) in the set P, cannot be scheduled  at the same time. 

The overall goal is to create an exam timetable with the minimum number of exam slots. 


Q: Create a MILP model for the problem above. 

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  • bj_0163_bj 2020-11-29 23:07

    你这个题目不全吧,没法写啊。冲突可以通过i+j<=1 来控制。其他好像都是普通约束把。接受私聊哈

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