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Develop a simple banking application Checking accounts have a monthly service fee Savings accounts pay interest monthly Three tasks
Identify all object-defining classes required
Sketch a class diagram
Plan the application class with a flowchart
Nouns are modeled by objects
Bank account, checking account, savings account
Verbs are modeled with methods
Assess fee, pay interest

Create a class diagram
Focus on customer, bank account, checking account, and savings account
Checking and savings accounts are specialized bank accounts
Class name in the top section, instance variables in the middle, methods in the bottom
Composition is represented by solid diamonds and inheritance is represented by open arrows
Application class is represented with a flowchart

Customer.java defines Customer objects
SSN, name, checking account, savings account
Constructor, accessor methods for accounts
BankAccount.java defines BankAccount objects, members common to all accounts
Account number, balance, accessor methods, toString
CheckingAccount.java and SavingsAccount.java nearly identical
Checking accounts incur a service charge, savings accrue interest
Both CheckingAccount and SavingsAccount class definitions include extends BankAccount
Constructors call the BankAccount constructor first using the keyword super
BankingApp.java is procedural with 5 parts
Preparation, declaration, input, processing, output
All individual classes must be in the same directory, and be compiled individually图片说明

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