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这个Java作业时用一个叫bluej 的工作来完成的,

For this assignment:

• You are required to analyse a data management scenario and design, implement and test an object - oriented java application to meet the requirements of your scenario.

• You should implement your system using Java and demonstrate an understanding of some of the object oriented java programming concepts as outlined below:

o Use of Graphical User Interface classes
o Use of Array of Objects or ArrayLists (Collection Classes)
o Use of inheritance and polymorphism.
o Use of abstract classes and interfaces
o Use of Model / View Pattern
o Use of Java Input and Output classes
o Use of Errors and Exceptions
o Use of Searching and Sorting

1. Student results management system.
2. Competitor (Sports) data management system.
3. DVD rental system.
4. Virtual Simulation (Any Game or Marine Biology environment)
5. Bank account management system.
6. Drivers Licence management system.
7. Garage servicing booking system
8. GP appointment booking system

By the due date, you should submit by Moodle
1. The BlueJ project folder.
2. An executable jar file for the application
3. Project diary
4. Assignment 2 project report (Word/pdf ) with
• Requirements specification,
• Analysis and Design of classes,
• A class diagram using UML;
• Javadoc documentation for all the classes
• a code listing of all classes;
• Testing results/ Evidence of Testing
• Reflection/Appraisal
• Conclusion

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