2014-12-26 08:54
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Google App Engine上的Wordpress(定价)[关闭]

I like Google App Engine's pricing, and plans, and would like to know if hosting wordpress website is feasible or not. I am planning to make a wordpress website, and would like to host it on wordpress if the pricing is cheap.

My website will not have many users , around 100-200 users a day (maximum). So, while no requests are being processed, will I be getting charged for the CloudSQL instance(or will it shut down ?).

I would like someone to give me a sense of the pricing. I will be getting 100-200 visitors per day, and the pages are around 500-700 kbs big(10-20 pages).

Can somebody give real world example pricing for wordpress ? (i do NOT want links to the pricing calculator, i have already gone through that)

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我喜欢Google App Engine的定价和计划,并想知道托管wordpress网站是否可行。 我打算制作一个wordpress网站,如果价格便宜,我想在wordpress上托管它。

我的网站不会有很多用户,每天约100-200个用户( 最大值)。 因此,虽然没有处理任何请求,我是否会收取CloudSQL实例的费用(或者它会关闭吗?)。

我希望有人能够让我了解定价。 我每天将有100-200名访客,页面大约500-700 kbs(10-20页)。

有人可以为wordpress提供真实世界的示例定价吗? (我不想要定价计算器的链接,我已经完成了这个)

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  • duanjingwei7239 2015-01-08 21:14

    I've been using App Engine for running a very small WordPress website just in order to learn more about the technology and paid

    • $04.89 for 5872.695 App Engine Front-End-Instance minutes
    • $11.16 for 31 days of Cloud SQL D0
    • $00.06 for 63172 Cloud Storage Class B Requests

    for the month of November and December which amounts to $8.05 per month. So it's almost the same as paying for shared hosting I'd say. It looks like the Cloud SQL instance does not shut down.

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