2017-07-12 16:07
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My original error was

Error No: 1213 - Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction

Okay, so I wrote a loop with max retries and a wait in between to try and get through the deadlocks.

$Try = 0;
while (!$Result = $dbs->query($MySQL)) {
    if ($Try === MYSQL_MAX_RETRIES)
        HandleMySQLError($dbs->error, $MySQL, false, $Test, $Trace);

But now I'm constantly getting some of the original error still, and a new error

Got error 35 "Resource deadlock avoided" during COMMIT

But I can't really seem to find out what this means or how to fix it?


I left out a ton of information when I first wrote this, but the server is a RedHat 7 AWS EC2 (well, 3 of them) in a Galera & MariaDB cluster.

The query I am running is a call to a stored procedure

call`getchatmessages`('<ChatID>','<UserID>',from_unixtime('<Some Timestamp>'));

And the stored procedure is as follows

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`%` PROCEDURE `getchatmessages`(IN `__ChatID` CHAR(36), IN `__UserID` CHAR(36), IN `__Timestamp` TIMESTAMP(6))

DECLARE `__NewChatMessages` TINYINT(1) DEFAULT 0;

DECLARE `__Interval` INT(11) DEFAULT 100; -- ms
DECLARE `__Timeout` INT(11) DEFAULT 15000; -- ms

while `__NewChatMessages`=0 and `__i`<`__Timeout`/`__Interval` do
    select 1 into `__NewChatMessages` from `chatmessages` where `ChatID`=`__ChatID` and `DateTimeAdded`>ifnull(`__Timestamp`,0) limit 1;
    update `chatusers` set `DateTimeRead`=now(6) where `ChatID`=`__ChatID` and `UserID`=`__UserID`;
    do sleep(`__Interval`/1000);
    set `__i`=`__i`+1;
end while;

select `chatmessages`.`Body`, `chatmessages`.`ChatID`, `chatmessages`.`UserID`, 
`chatmessages`.`ChatMessageID`, `chatmessages`.`DateTimeAdded`, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`chatmessages`.`DateTimeAdded`) `Timestamp`, `users`.`FirstName`,
from `chatmessages` 
join `users` using (`UserID`) 
where `chatmessages`.`ChatID`=`__ChatID` 
and `chatmessages`.`DateTimeAdded`>ifnull(`__Timestamp`,0) 
order by `chatmessages`.`DateTimeAdded` desc
limit 100;

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  • douba05167
    douba05167 2017-07-12 18:18

    Deadlock in Galera Cluster (MariaDB Galera Cluster, 3 nodes) is not a typical deadlock, but a way of communicating the multi-master conflicts:

    The easiest way to avoid deadlocks is to write to 1 node at a time, i.e. configure HA proxy to write to 1 node only. In your case you will run sp on Node1 (does not matter which node, but always on 1 node, sort of "sticky sessions").

    More information here:

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  • dongliqian6245
    dongliqian6245 2017-07-12 18:46

    Is this Proc being called inside a transaction? If so, I argue strongly with its design. You have a loop with a sleep hanging onto the transaction.

    Instead, have the UPDATE be a transaction by itself.

    This may virtually eliminate the deadlocks. However you should still deal with deadlocks, as discussed by other answer(s).

    Edit Since there are no BEGINs, and autocommit=ON, the OP is already following this advice. Alas.

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