2013-07-05 12:37
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I have a PHP script that mirror my mailing list to web-based forum, in order to make the forum import look as nice as possible, I use regular expression to catch email signatures & style them appropriately. The signature formats that I'm catching with the regex are:

This is my message...
My signature


This is my message...
My signature

Right now I'm using this regex:

$message = preg_replace('/\s*(.+)(\s*[
]-{2,}\s+.*)/s', '$1<span class="msg_footer">$2</span>', $message);

It works, my but after some quick tests, I realized that this regex is really slow.

I'm not that good in regex, can someone please take a look at the regex & tell me how to optimize it & make it fast?

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我有一个PHP脚本,将我的邮件列表镜像到基于网络的论坛,以使论坛导入看起来 尽可能好,我使用正则表达式来捕捉电子邮件签名&amp; 适当地塑造它们。 我正在使用正则表达式捕获的签名格式是:




  $ message = preg_replace  ('/\*(。+)(\ s * [
  -   -   -  {2,} \} +。*)/ s','$ 1&lt; span class =“msg_footer”&gt; $ 2&lt; /  span&gt;',$ message); 

它有效,但经过一些快速测试,我意识到这个正则表达式真的慢 。

我在正则表达式方面不是那么好,有人可以看一下正则表达式&amp; 告诉我如何优化它&amp; 快点?

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  • duanganleng0577 2013-07-05 12:47

    You are using regular expressions to handle the whole message, which is bound to be slow. A better alternative would be to use proper programming logic to process the message. For instance, go through the message line by line and test for each line whether it matches your "start of signature" regex. If not, add it to the array or string holding the actual message. If it does match, add the rest of the message to the footer.

    You might also want to start from the bottom instead of the top, if you think that your users will use lines matching your regex in the middle of the message.

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  • douhe8981 2013-07-05 12:45

    Assuming that a signature starts with at least two - at the beginning of line and ends with either , or one or more times, try this:

    $message = preg_replace(
                   '<span class="msg_footer">$1</span>',
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