2011-12-29 13:07
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PHP shell_exec,执行-rwxrwxrwx shell脚本的权限被拒绝

I am currently over ssh on a remote CentOS 5.6 system which runs an Apache webserver. I need to use the poppler pdftohtml binary which, unfortunately, is not currently installed on that machine. So I downloaded the poppler package and built it under my user folder. Since I I am not the system admin, I didn't do

make install

and I have all my compiled files under


The file that I need to execute through php shell_exec() is


If I execute it through my ssh bash, I get the correct output. If I, instead, put this line on a php script:

echo shell_exec("/users/myfolder/poppler-0.18.2/utils/pdftohtml");

I get the following output:

sh: /users/myfolder/poppler-0.18.2/utils/pdftohtml: Permission denied

I tried setting to 777 the file permissions, which currently are -rwxrwxrwx. I also noticed that using shell_exec("whoami"); results in "apache". Shouldn't apache be able to execute the script if the file permissions are -rwxrwxrwx?

I also know that installing poppler through make install would solve the problem but since this is for testing purpose, I would like to avoid "contaminating" the system outside my personal folder until the testing is complete.

Thanks to anyone who will help!

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我目前在运行Apache网络服务器的远程CentOS 5.6系统上使用ssh。 我需要使用poppler pdftohtml 二进制文件,遗憾的是,该二进制文件当前未安装在该计算机上。 所以我下载了poppler包并在我的用户文件夹下构建它。 由于我不是系统管理员,我没有做

  make install 

我拥有所有 我编译的文件


我的文件 需要通过php执行 shell_exec()


如果我通过ssh bash执行它,我会得到正确的输出。 相反,如果我把这一行放在php脚本上:

  echo shell_exec(“/ users / myfolder / poppler-0.18.2 / utils / pdftohtml”); 


  sh:/users/myfolder/poppler-0.18.2/utils/  pdftohtml:权限被拒绝

我尝试将文件权限设置为777,目前为-rwxrwxrwx。 我还注意到使用 shell_exec(“whoami”); 会产生“apache”。 如果文件权限是-rwxrwxrwx,apache是​​否应该能够执行脚本?

我也知道通过 make install 安装poppler会解决问题但是 由于这是出于测试目的,我希望避免在我的个人文件夹外“污染”系统,直到测试完成。

感谢任何有帮助的人! \ n

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  • duannai1883 2011-12-29 13:50

    Just because a file is executable for a user does not mean that user is actually able to execute the file. The user needs to also be able to 'get to' the file: The user needs execution permission for all 'parent directories', in your case for /users, myfolder, poppler-0.18.2 and utils.

    Assuming /users is the same basic thing as /home, everybody should have +x on that. From there, you can set it: simply do chmod o+x /users/myfolder /users/myfolder/poppler-0.18.2 /users/myfolder/poppler-0.18.2/utils

    (Note: This will make it possible for everybody to execute this binary, not just Apache.)

    If the apache user and you share a group, it would be better to use chown the poppler directory and everything in to be owned by that group, and set g+x instead of o+x.

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