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Amazon AWS SDK PHP 2 - 按实例过滤标签?

I have been able to retrieve a full list of tags from all my EC2 instances using the PHP SDK but I'm struggling to filter the results down to a particular instance...

    // Collect instance information
    $sInstanceId = file_get_contents(''); // 'i-52da5b1f'
    $sAvailabilityZone = file_get_contents(''); // 'eu-west-1b'
    $sRegion = preg_replace('/^(.*)([0-9]{1})([a-zA-Z]{1})/', '$1$2', $sAvailabilityZone);

    use Aws\Common\Aws;
    use Aws\Ec2\Command\DescribeTags;
    use Aws\Common\Enum\Region;

    // Set up the global AWS factory
    $oAWS = Aws::factory(array(
            'key'    => CONST_AWS_ACCESS_KEY,
            'secret' => CONST_AWS_SECRET_KEY,
            'region' => $sRegion

    // Query EC2 for tags
    $oEC2Client = $oAWS->get('ec2');
    $oModel = $oEC2Client->describeTags()->toArray();

I've tried changing the call to describeTags to...

    $oModel = $oEC2Client->describeTags(array(
            "Filters" => array(
                    array("Name" => "resource-id", "Value" => $sInstanceId)

But that seems to make no difference. Could someone shed some light on this for me please?

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    duanque19820925 duanque19820925 2013-06-28 00:01

    The API docs for Ec2Client.describeTags show that Value should actually be Values and should be an array. Try the following:

    $oModel = $oEC2Client->describeTags(array(
        "Filters" => array(
            array("Name" => "resource-id", "Values" => array($sInstanceId))
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