2017-11-07 00:16
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在Laravel 5.5中更新用户密码后阻止注销

Beginning with Laravel 5.3, this middleware was added...


While it's definitely a benefit for security purposes, it's also responsible for logging the user out (presenting the user with the login page) if they change their password.

How do we prevent a user from being logged out (being forced to log back in) when they change their password, in Laravel 5.5?

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从Laravel 5.3开始,添加了这个中间件......

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\ Illuminate \ Session \ Middleware \ AuthenticateSession

虽然出于安全目的肯定是一个好处,但它也负责将用户注销(呈现用户) 如果他们更改了密码,请使用登录页面。

在Laravel 5.5中,我们如何防止用户在更改密码时被注销(被迫重新登录)?

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  • doujiao2014 2017-11-07 00:23

    Instead of changing the middleware, just "re-login" the user after changing the password:

    //And the user is logged in again!
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