2017-09-14 09:02
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I have been working with CodeIgniter since 2 years. But I have no idea about following highlighted files.

  1. What are them?
  2. What happens if I remove them?

Screenshot of Windows explorer with the files .editorconfig, .gitignore, composer.json and

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我2年来一直在使用CodeIgniter。 但我不知道如何跟踪突出显示的文件。

  1. 它们是什么?
  2. 如果删除它会怎样?
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  • doutuohan6606 2017-09-14 09:13
    1. .editorconfig -> here's the website. It's a configuration file to keep settings / code styles for certain IDE's.

    2. .gitignore is a file used by git version control system which tell it which files should be IGNORED by git.

    3. composer.json is a file used by Composer dependency manager (for PHP libraries), and that file lists library dependencies, versions, required php extensions and their versions which are needed for the code to run properly.

    4. isn't a special file, it's just a markdown-formatted file that contains instructions left there by the author. You can see that StackOverflow, Github and many other popular programming-related websites use markdown and display it as nicely formatted HTML after parsing.

    5. You should really know what GIT and Composer are, so I suggest checking out the links I posted and implementing a bit of google-fu to get up to speed with current tech!

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  • dongll0502 2017-09-14 09:16

    .editorconfig: This is a file to set coding style in IDE

    .gitignore: This file is for git. You can tell GIT,that certain files are not allowed to be loaded into git.

    composer.json: This file is for the libraries in php. It controls the loading and includes all dependencies. Contains guidelines for contribution, for example, in an open-source project this file plays an important role to provide guidelines for coding standards.

    I suggest you keep those files, especially the first three files. DON'T delete them.

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