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使用PHP Curl提交表单并获得结果[重复]

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The form on the website is...

<form action="" method="POST">
<input style="width:30%;background-color:#e2e2e2;border:#000;color:#000;" type="text" name="userName" placeholder="Enter a username" required="">
<input type="submit" name="userBtn" value="get Username">

Once you fill out a value in name="userName" and click name="userBtn" the page refreshes and changes the value of name="userName" to the information that I want.

How would I go about submitting a form and then retrieving the data that it writes?


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此问题已经存在 这里有一个答案:</ p>

  • 使用curl提交/检索表单结果 2 answers </ span> </ li> </ ul> </ div>

    网站上的表格是...... </ p>

     &lt; form action =“”method =“POST”&gt; 
    &lt; input style =“width:30%; background-color:#e2e2e2; border:#000; color:#000  ;”  type =“text”name =“userName”placeholder =“输入用户名”required =“”&gt; 
    &lt; br&gt; 
    &lt; input type =“submit”name =“userBtn”value =“get Username”&gt;  
    &lt; / form&gt; 
     </ code> </ pre> 

    name =“userName”</ code>中填写一个值并单击 name =“ userBtn“</ code>页面刷新并将 name =”userName“</ code>的值更改为我想要的信息。</ p>

    我将如何提交 一个表单,然后检索它写的数据?</ p> </ div>

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