2015-05-08 15:35
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This all worked before I added the section to update "last_update".

if((time() - $last_update) > 7200){
$sql = $dbh->prepare("UPDATE item_list SET quantity=:quantity, price=:price, last_update=:now WHERE item_name=:itemname");
                $sql->bindParam(':quantity', $json->volume);
                $sql->bindParam(':price', $json->lowest_price);
                $sql->bindParam(':itemname', $row['Item_Name']);
                $sql->bindParam(':now', "NOW()");  //This doesn't work

When this is called I want to make last_update the date and time now. In the database it is currently a DATETIME, and when I last_update I origianly set them to NOW();

Doing this I get the error Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 2 by reference in.... Directory

I know it expects a variable, I'm not sure how to fix it though. I tried setting

$now = "NOW()"; $sql->bindParam(':now', $now);

No prevail. Any help?

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  if((time() -  $ last_update)> 7200){
 $ sql = $ dbh-> prepare(“UPDATE item_list SET quantity =:quantity,  price =:price,last_update =:now WHERE item_name =:itemname“); 
 $ sql-> bindParam(':quantity',$ json-> volume); 
 $ sql-> bindParam(':  price',$ json-> lowest_price); 
 $ sql-> bindParam(':itemname',$ row ['Item_Name']); 
 $ sql-> bindParam(':now',“NOW  ()“);  //这不起作用
 $ sql-> execute(); 

当调用它时我想让last_update成为日期和 现在的时间。 在数据库中它当前是DATETIME,当我last_update时,我原始地将它们设置为NOW();

这样做我得到错误致命错误:无法通过参数2 引用....目录

我知道它需要一个变量,我不知道如何修复它。 我尝试设置

$ now =“NOW()”; $ sql-> bindParam(':now',$ now);

不存在。 有什么帮助吗?

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  • dsft8327 2015-05-08 15:37

    Why you need to bind, just put NOW() directly

    $sql = $dbh->prepare("UPDATE item_list SET quantity=:quantity, price=:price, last_update=now() WHERE item_name=:itemname");
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