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I have problems comparing dates between a date created with new dateTime () in php, and a date taken from a DATETIME field of a Mysql table.

With the following code, save a date in a DATETIME field of a MySQL table:

$now = new DateTime();
$update = $mysqli->query('INSERT INTO bonus (idplayer,lastlogin) VALUES ("'.$_GET["idplayer"].'","'.$now.'")');

Then I would like to retrieve the date from the tables and compare it with a date created using the php code:

$resetTime = new DateTime();
date_time_set($resetTime, 12, 00, 00);
$lastLogin = $mysqli->query('SELECT lastlogin FROM bonus WHERE idplayer = "'.$_GET["idgiocatore"].'"');
if ($resetTime < $lastLogin) {
        echo "OK!<br>";

Using this code I can't comparate the dates because I get an error (I can't even do an echo of the date retrieved from the table). Can anyone tell me where I'm wrong and how can I solve the problem?

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