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Symfony2 SwiftMailer - 如何在不等待服务器响应的情况下发送电子邮件

I am using swiftmailer to send one single email with about 300 BCC. The problem is that I am getting a 30sec timeout on the client side when doing this.

When checking on the server side, the mails were sent correctly, but sending all those emails take some time because the mail server deals with a lot of emails.

Any idea on how to tell the swiftmailer not to wait for the server response and render the view.

I checked the How to Spool Emails from the coockbook, but I don't thing that I need to do it this way.

Any idea how could I do that? Thank you in advance.

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  • douza6300 2013-12-11 09:26

    From the Symfony Docs:

    # app/config/config.yml
        # ...
        spool: { type: memory }

    When you are using the SwiftmailerBundle to send an email from a Symfony2 application, it will default to sending the email immediately. You may, however, want to avoid the performance hit of the communication between Swift Mailer and the email transport, which could cause the user to wait for the next page to load while the email is sending. This can be avoided by choosing to "spool" the emails instead of sending them directly. This means that Swift Mailer does not attempt to send the email but instead saves the message to somewhere such as a file. Another process can then read from the spool and take care of sending the emails in the spool. Currently only spooling to file or memory is supported by Swift Mailer.


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