2018-10-01 16:27
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密码从laravel 5.0迁移到laravel 5.6

I am trying to migrate a database from Laravel 5.0 to Laravel 5.6, but when I am transferring the users table the password column does not get passed as it was before (I am assuming Laravel is hashing this again)

before :- $2y$10$KPCJK7wZ5lHdFMw7y3fchO3qXBvEuqS8wXzvH6vanETH5Pe7CBWVG
after :- $2y$10$B7hp5fGX6amcb.CBAnf8TeDxNAxwh5YAxOomi.AEsKfcdf7ovkxTy

I need some way to prevent Laravel from hashing the password. I am doing this to migrate my users table:

$user = new User;
$user->password = $request['password'];

I was using User::create() before but it had the same issue.

I am really confused and stuck and any advice on this will be really helpful.

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我正在尝试将数据库从Laravel 5.0迁移到Laravel 5.6,但当我转移用户时 password 列没有像以前那样传递(我假设Laravel再次对它进行哈希处理)

之前 : - $ 2y $ 10 $ KPCJK7wZ5lHdFMw7y3fchO3qXBvEuqS8wXzvH6vanETH5Pe7CBWVG
之后: - $ 2y $ 10 $ B7hp5fGX6amcb.CBAnf8TeDxNAxwh5YAxOomi.AEsKfcdf7ovkxTy

我需要一些方法来防止Laravel散列 密码。 我这样做是为了迁移我的用户表:

  $ user = new User; 
 $ user-> password = $ request ['password']; 
 $  user-> save(); 

之前我使用的是 User :: create(),但它有同样的问题。< / p>


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  • dongshi4773 2018-10-01 16:46

    It sounds like the User model automatically Hashes whatever value is passed into password, regardless if it has already Hashed. I'm unsure if there's a direct way to disable this behaviour (likely is, but not sure what User is - Basic Laravel Auth, Sentinel, Spatie, etc. etc.), so a workaround is to use the DB facade to get around the User model:

      "password" => $request->input("password"), // or $request["password"]
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