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I'm building a small application in Laravel 5.5 where I'm querying something like this:

$models = Contact::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%'.$request->search_input.'%')
    ->orWhere('last_name', 'LIKE', '%'. $request->search_input.'%')
    ->orWhereHas('company', function ($q) use($request) {
        $q->where('name', 'LIKE', '%'.$request->search_input.'%');
    ->whereHas('company', function ($query) {
        $query->where('type', '=', 'Research');
    ->orderBy('created_at', 'desc')

The idea behind is, I want to search the list of contact with first_name, last_name and their company name (which is a relational data) with the search_input and filter them with type = Research in the company list, I mean only those contact should appear which is having company type as research.

But currently I'm getting all the list of contacts without filtering it with type. Help me out with this. Thanks.

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我正在 Laravel 5.5中构建一个小应用程序</ code>我在那里查询类似的东西 这个:</ p>

  $ models = Contact :: where('first_name','LIKE','%'。$ request-&gt; search_input。'%')
  -  &gt; orWhere('last_name','LIKE','%'。$ request-&gt; search_input。'%')
  - &gt; orWhereHas('company',function($ q)use($ request){\  n $ q-&gt; where('name','LIKE','%'。$ request-&gt; search_input。'%'); 
  - &gt; whereHas('company',function($ 查询){
 $ query-&gt; where('type','=','Research'); 
  - &gt; orderBy('created_at','desc')
  - &gt; take  (50)
  - &gt; get(); 
 </ code> </ pre> 

背后的想法是,我想用 first_name </ code搜索联系人列表 >, last_name </ code>和他们的公司名称</ code>(这是一个关系数据)与 search_input </ code>并用 type = Research </过滤它们 代码>在公司列表</ code>中,我的意思是只有那些 conta ct </ code>应该出现 company </ code> type </ code> as research </ code>。</ p>

但是目前我 获取所有联系人列表而不用类型过滤它。 帮助我解决这个问题。 谢谢。</ p> </ div>

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