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Laravel 5.1身份验证 - 令牌不匹配

I have a fresh install of Laravel 5.1 but am getting a token mismatch error when I try to login a user. I'm not using a form, rather I am using an ajax call that logs in the user after google verification has been satisfied.

My error is: TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 53

My controller that is getting hit with the ajax call:

    namespace App\Http\Controllers;
    use App\Email;
    use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
    use Google_Client; 
    use Auth;
    use App\User;
    class verify extends Controller

    public function verifyIdToken(Request $request)
    $user = User::where('name', 'Molly')->first();
        if (Auth::check($user))
    return response()->json(['Logged In' => "Yes!"]);

I don't get a response, just a 500 internal server error with the above error. I do see a laravel session cookie being returned however, so I am very confused as to what is going on. What is this token and why is it throwing an error?

For more information, my routes.php file is:

    if (Auth::guest()) {
    Route::get('/', function () {
        return view('welcome');
} else {
    Route::get('/', ['middleware' => 'auth', function () {
        return view('mainview');

Edit: Basically I want the controller hit in the ajax call to verify the user was logged in, without any internal server error so that on a refresh, they are rerouted to the mainview not the welcome page.

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我全新安装了Laravel 5.1但是当我尝试登录用户时出现令牌不匹配错误。 我没有使用表单,而是在使用google验证后登录用户的ajax调用。

我的错误是:VerifyCrfToken.php中的 TokenMismatchException 第53行


 namespace App  \ Http \ Controllers; 
使用App \ Email; 
使用App \ Http \ Controllers \ Controller; 
使用Illuminate \ Http \ Request; 
使用App \ User; 
 $ user = User :: where('name',  'Molly') - &gt; first(); 
 Auth :: login($ user); 
 if(Auth :: check($ user))
返回响应() - &gt; json([  '登录'=&gt;“是!”]); 

我没有得到回复,只是一个 上述错误导致500内部服务器错误。 我确实看到了返回的laravel会话cookie,所以我对发生的事情感到非常困惑。 这个令牌是什么?它为什么会抛出错误?

有关更多信息,我的 routes.php 文件是: < pre> if(Auth :: guest()){ Route :: get('/',function(){ return view('welcome'); }); } else { Route :: get('/',['middleware'=&gt;'auth',function(){ 返回视图('mainview'); }]); }

编辑:基本上我希望在ajax调用中命中控制器来验证用户是否已登录,没有任何内部服务器错误,因此在刷新时,它们被重新路由到 mainview 而不是 welcome 页面。

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