2015-01-10 10:40
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Laravel Queue正在重复使用beanstalkd和redis

I'm using laravel Queues with beanstalkd driver ( same thing happened with redis ), when i push a Queue it just keeps repeating

What i did simply is:

  1. Install beanstalkd , run beanstalkd
  2. Run php artisan queue:listen
  3. In the terminal window of queue listen , it just keeps repeating after every few seconds: Processed: SendEmail

I thought the queue wasn't empty, so tried flushing it out ( it was empty ), failed jobs table is empty.

Second test , stopped beanstlkd and queue listen , i have a controller that simply says:

Queue::push('SendEmail@fire', array('message' => $msg->id));

There's no loops in the controller at all, nor in the send email function

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我正在使用带有beanstalkd驱动程序的laravel队列(同样的事情发生在redis上),当我推送一个Queue时它只是 不断重复


  1. 安装beanstalkd,运行 beanstalkd
  2. 运行 php artisan queue:listen
  3. 在队列侦听的终端窗口中,它每隔几秒就会不断重复:已处理: SendEmail



    Queue :: push('SendEmail  @ fire',array('message'=> $ msg-> id)); 

    控制器中根本没有循环,也没有循环 发送电子邮件功能

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  • doukuangxun5382 2015-01-10 12:08

    you need to delete job at end of SendEmail@fire

    Class SendMail {
        public function fire($job, $data){
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