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I am working in a reporting module using Laravel 5 and and my question is how to I populate a data in excel horizontally? Because, vertically it's pretty easy let's say I want to populate vertically is cell A1 onwards so I can go with

  $sheet->cell('A'.$x, 'Some Value');

But what about horizontally? Let's say I will begin in A1 onwards on a loop? How do I that? Coz excel has the formatting of cell location like AA, BBB, ABC etc.

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    doushi8186 doushi8186 2015-11-19 09:18

    Use PHPs Perl-style character incrementing

    for($x='A'; $x != 'IW'; $x++)
      $sheet->cell($x . '1', 'Some Value');

    Note that you can't use a < comparison for the termination, because the comparison will be alphabetic and AA is alphabetically less than B; so you use a != comparison instead with a column address one higher than the last you want to access.... the above will finish after cell IV

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