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I've a problem with facebook login. I've created an app in a facebook developer's account. Next I've used the facebook PHP SDK to make user login and:

  • In the PHP SDK response, return this fb id: 884035841685689
  • At the following address: if I search with this query "me?fields=id" return this fb id: 750153425073932
  • At the following address: if I paste the user's facebook link in the textbox it will return this fb id: 100002378440884

I don't understand why with the same user account, return three different facebook id.

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  • dongle3217 2016-03-24 11:54

    User IDs are "App Scoped" nowadays.

    • The first one is the App Scoped ID of your own App.
    • The second one is the App Scoped ID of the "Graph API Explorer App". Select your own App and you will get the same ID as with the PHP SDK.
    • The last one is actually the "real" ID. You only get that one by scraping the user profile, which is not allowed on Facebook.

    More information about App Scoped IDs:

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