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I have a form that has a checkbox list generated dynamically: name="cursoID[]" Each value correspond to cursoID ($curso['cursoID']), which is a value taken from a mySQL SELECT query that shows me a list of items IDs.

The user may select N number of items, and I need to take each one of those (ie. $cursoID = $_POST['cursoID'];) in order to save them into an INSERT query.

In the form, I generate each item with a while loop:

$conectar = mysqli_connect(HOST, USER, PASS, DATABASE);
$query = "  SELECT cursoID, nombreCurso, cursoFechaInicio, modalidadCurso, estadoCurso
FROM cursos 
WHERE estadoCurso='abierto'";

$buscarCurso = mysqli_query($conectar,$query);

echo '<div class="checkbox">';
while ($curso=mysqli_fetch_assoc($buscarCurso)) {
echo '<input type="checkbox" name="cursoID[]" value="'.$curso['cursoID'].'">'.$curso['nombreCurso'];
echo '</div>'; 


My database consultation in order to insert that field is a simple select:

INSERT INTO cursosUsuarios 
                (userID, cursoID) 
                ('$userID', '$cursoID')

I have no issues with $userID, as is a single value.

How may I use $cursoID = $_POST['cursoID'] to add it to the database? I've been reading some other questions (like this one, or this other one), but couldn't manage to apply it to my case, as I don't know how would I insert it into the database.

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我有一个动态生成复选框列表的表单: name =“cursoID []” 每个值对应于cursoID( $ curso ['cursoID'] ),这是一个取自mySQL SELECT 查询的值,它显示了一个项目ID列表 。

用户可以选择N个项目,我需要选择其中的每个项目(即 $ cursoID = $ _POST ['cursoID']; )以便将它们保存到 INSERT 查询中。


 $ conectar = mysqli_connect(HOST,USER,PASS,DATABASE); 
 $ query =“SELECT cursoID,nombreCurso,cursoFechaInicio,modalidadCurso,estadoCurso  
FROM cursos 
WHERE estadoCurso ='abierto'“; 
 $ buscarCurso = mysqli_query($ conectar,$ query); 
echo'&lt; div class =”checkbox“&gt;'; 
while($ curso  = mysqli_fetch_assoc($ buscarCurso)){
echo'&lt; input type =“checkbox”name =“cursoID []”value =“'。$ cu  rso ['cursoID']。'“&gt;'。$ curso ['nombreCurso']; 
echo'&lt; / div&gt;';  


 < 代码> INSERT INTO cursosUsuarios 
('$ userID','$ cursoID')

我没有遇到任何问题 $ userID,单个值。

如何使用 $ cursoID = $ _POST ['cursoID'] 将其添加到数据库中? 我一直在阅读其他一些问题(例如这一个,或者 另一个),但无法管理 将它应用于我的案例,因为我不知道如何将其插入数据库。

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  • duankeng1911
    duankeng1911 2016-07-25 19:39

    There's two main ways you can insert a variable amount of data into your database:

    • Build your query dynamically (if you have many columns, and you don't know how many you'll update)

    Like so:

    $fields = array();
    $values = array();
    $fields[] = 'field1';
    $fields[] = 'field2';
    $values[] = 1;
    $values[] = 2;
    $query = 'INSERT INTO table (' . implode(', ', $fields) . ') VALUES (' . implode(',', $values) . ')';
    // Execute $query


    • Add the individual items in separate queries, that you repeat over and over (if you need to fill a variable amount of rows).

    Like so (if your checkboxes are named "cursoID[]", the corresponding POST variable will be an array, and you can use anything that'll work with arrays):

    $userID_int = (int)$userID;
    foreach ($_POST['cursoID'] as $singleID) {
        $singleID_int = (int)$singleID;
        // Execute: INSERT INTO cursosUsuarios (userID, cursoID) VALUES ('$userID_int', '$singleID_int')

    However, be very careful - at the moment, your code is vulnerable to SQL injections (for example, if $_POST['cursoID'] is set to something like


    you might - depending on your configuration - allow someone to do a lot of nasty stuff, ranging from bypassing your logins to removing your database. As such, I would recommend taking a step back and looking into how you can parameterize your queries, so you don't have to worry about a hostile visitor injecting data in your SQL query. See, for example, this answer.

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  • doujing5846
    doujing5846 2016-07-25 20:05

    I dk how to use mysqli_* so i'll write in PDO. If i could understand correctly this's what u need.

    ps: Security ignored.

    $cursors = $_POST['cursorID'];
    $user = $_POST['user'];
    foreach ($cursors as $cursor) {
            $query = $DB->prepare('INSERT INTO table (user, cursor) VALUES (:user, :cursor)');
            $query->bindValue(':user', $user, PDO::PARAM_INT);
            $query->bindValue(':cursor', $cursor, PDO::PARAM_INT);
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