dongzhuo1498 2011-11-22 19:15
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I have a database that has a notice_current table and a notices_archive table. As part of a user logout process, I want to move all of their associated notices from the current table to the archive.

In my PHP application code I am currently making a transaction where I copy the notices over, and then delete the rows in the notices_current table if there were no errors in the copying. However, I am wondering if MySQL has some innate function or method for simply pushing notices from one table to another. If so, it would see that this would be more effective than my current implementation.

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  • douba9425 2011-11-22 19:18

    There's not a single built-in function for this, but if you're currently iterating over all of the rows, then something like this might be a lot more efficient:

    INSERT INTO notices_archive SELECT * FROM notice_current WHERE user_id=%;
    DELETE FROM notice_current WHERE user_id=%;
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