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json_encode php结果为NULL? [重复]

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json_encode is returning NULL?

I'm having a strange problem with json_encode() in php. Pretty simple code:

$content = json_encode(array('content1' => $arm_length,
                             'content2' => $body_length));
echo $content;

$arm_length and $body_length variables contain the HTML markup for two select dropdown menus. My problem is when it echo's out it show's NULL for content1 and content2. If I take the json_encode() away and just do print_r($content) it shows all the data as it should be.

Does anyone know what's happening here? Is there certain data that can't be parsed into JSON? I've done this a few times now using Ajax/PHP and never had any problems.

Cheers for any help with this.

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