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以编程方式从drupal 8获取所有节点

I am trying to get all nodes of a certian type from drupal. I have tried many ways to achieve that, but maybe due to my lack of Drupal custom module programming experience I couldn't achieve my desire. the closest way that I found on the web, is this:

    $nids = \Drupal::entityQuery('node')->condition('type','news')->execute();
    $nodes =  \Drupal
  • the first line returns an object of id's
  • the second line returns the nodes of those id's

this looks easy and straight forward. but, this is the output! { "59": { "in_preview": null }, "61": { "in_preview": null } }

can someone please help, what is wrong? and is this the correct way to do it ?

I want to take the nodes then search every one of them ( I am making some sort of search engine) so I expect some kind of an object that I can then extract the heading, body ... etc, from. is this the correct way ?

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