2017-08-13 15:41
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OpenCart 3没有显示我的模块

I'm fairly new to OpenCart but I know PHP and MVC platforms. I want to make an importer for OpenCart to import some products from a CSV and the photos for them.

However, I've been struggling for the last 2 hours trying to see my module in the admin. I created an admin/controller/module/custom_importer.php:

class ControllerModuleCustomImporter extends Controller {


and a language file admin/language/en-gb/module/custom_importer.php:

$_['heading_title'] = 'Custom Importer';

However, in my admin I can't seem to find the module at all. It's the simplest, emptiest module. What am I doing wrong?

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我是OpenCart的新手,但我了解PHP和MVC平台。 我想让OpenCart的导入器从CSV导入一些产品并为他们导入照片。</ p>

但是,我在过去的2个小时里一直在努力试图查看我的模块 管理员。 我创建了 admin / controller / module / custom_importer.php </ code>:</ p>

class ControllerModuleCustomImporter extends Controller {
} \  n </ code> </ pre> 

和语言文件 admin / language / en-gb / module / custom_importer.php </ code>:</ p> <n pre> $ _ ['heading_title'] ='自定义导入器'; </ code> </ pre>

但是,在我的管理员中,我似乎无法找到模块 所有。 这是最简单,最空的模块。 我做错了什么?</ p>

Opencart:版本3.0.2.0 </ em> </ p> </ div>

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