2015-11-24 18:55
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The avatar and map disappeared in here: http://togo-online.com/index.php?route=common/store

Undefined index: route in /home/ten1356/public_html/togo-online.com/catalog/controller/module/storelocator.php on line 391

Undefined index: seller_id in /home/ten1356/public_html/togo-online.com/catalog/controller/module/storelocator.php on line 498

Undefined variable: av in /home/ten1356/public_html/togo-online.com/catalog/controller/module/storelocator.php on line 506

Error: 391: if ($this->request->get['route'] == 'product/product' && $showEmptyMap == 'false' && count($store_list) == 0) { return FALSE; } return TRUE;

498: $avatars = $this->model_module_storelocator->getStoreAvatar($store['seller_id']);


$avatarNode = $dom->createElement('avatar',$av);

What will be the solution to this error..Thank you

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  • douqian2524 2015-11-24 19:13

    For the first two errors, it is telling you those indexes don't exist in the arrays. I'm assuming $this->route->get is supposed to be an associative array, but it is not finding 'route' in that array at the point you are accessing it. This is also the case with $store['seller_id'].

    The third error is saying you haven't defined the variable $av which you are passing to the function createElement. Check your code before this call and make sure that variable gets set.

    In terms of exactly how to fix these errors, there is really no way (for us) to know without seeing the rest of the code and what is happened before reaching each of these points.

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