2018-02-01 19:56



hello i am trying to search ddw_0_op1 with mysql regex serach query

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key RLIKE '(?=.*ddw_)(?=.*_op1)'

but in results its also displaying results from this field


but i want to display results only from this field ddw_0_op1 . how i can achieve that enter image description here in this picture i want results from http links field i hope that makes sense now

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  • doulaozhi6835 doulaozhi6835 3年前

    With INDEX(meta_key), this may be faster:

    WHERE meta_key LIKE   'ddw_%_op1'
      AND meta_key RLIKE '^ddw_[[:digit:]]+_op1$'

    First the LIKE (without a leading wildcard) can use the index. Then the RLIKE will verify that only digits are in the middle (without using the index).

    Since this smells like a WP schema, here are some more tips on wp_postmeta. (The tips won't speed up your ddw query, but may help others.)

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