2018-12-22 18:38
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I've recently picked up a project I was working on a bit ago, and when doing an ajax request, after it submits, it should return a success message or an error message. The code I'm using is the same code I'm using on the rest of my application, and it is working fine without any issues.

I've had the issue for the past 7 or so hours, and I have had no luck fixing it myself, hence why I'm coming here.

PHP Code:

if (access) {
  $name = $_POST['name'];
  dbquery('UPDATE settings SET name="' . escapestring($name) . '"');
  $error['msg'] = "";
  echo json_encode($error);
} else {
  $error['msg'] = "You don't have permission.";
  echo json_encode($error);

JS Code:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $('#updateName').ajaxForm(function (error) {
        error = JSON.parse(error);
        if (error['msg'] === "") {
            toastr.success('Name Updated', 'System:', {timeOut: 10000})
        } else {
            toastr.error(error['msg'], 'System:', {timeOut: 10000})

This code (the returning either success message or error message) seemingly works fine throughout the rest of my application, yet today I haven't been able to get it working no matter what I try.

Edit- After using console.log(error); , it appears it's not defined. The issue is that this code works fine on other parts of my application


jQuery.Deferred exception: error is not defined ReferenceError: error is not defined

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我最近选择了一个我以前正在研究的项目,在做一个ajax请求时,之后 它提交,它应该返回成功消息或错误消息。 我正在使用的代码与我在我的应用程序的其余部分使用的代码相同,并且工作正常,没有任何问题。



 $ name = $ _POST ['  name']; 
 dbquery('UPDATE settings SET name =“'。escapestring($ name)。'”'); 
 $ error ['msg'] =“”; 
 echo json_encode($ error);  
} else {
 $ error ['msg'] =“你没有权限。”; 
 echo json_encode($ error); 
} \  n   


 error = JSON.parse(error); \  n if(error ['msg'] ===“”){
 toastr.success('Name Updated','System:',{timeOut:10000})
} else {
 toastr.error(error  ['msg'],'系统:',{timeOut:10000})

此代码(返回成功消息或错误消息)似乎在我的应用程序的其余部分中正常工作,但今天我无法使其工作 无论我怎么做。

编辑 - 使用console.log后(错误); ,它似乎没有定义。 问题是这个代码在我的应用程序的其他部分工作正常


jQuery.Deferred exception:错误未定义ReferenceError  :错误未定义
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  • dousha1831 2018-12-23 14:10

    First of all, error = JSON.parse(error); The error your trying to access is not defined. it shoudl be var error = JSON.parse(error); that is why youre getting an error or undefined variable error.

    But the JSON error

    “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token H in JSON”

    is different. Can you please make a fiddle and post ur code!

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