2017-12-06 10:38
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We are in the final stages developing a web application. It has a front-end in React and a back-end in Laravel. They communicate by sending JSONs back and forth (API style), so they can be hosted on seperate servers without many problems.

During development we switched to Firebase, because this way we could host React for free, but we need some logic in the back-end and Firebase is not ideal for this.

What is the best solution to host an application that uses React for the front-end and Laravel for the back-end?

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我们正处于开发Web应用程序的最后阶段。 它在React中有一个前端,在Laravel中有一个后端。 它们通过来回发送JSON(API样式)进行通信,因此它们可以在没有太多问题的情况下托管在单独的服务器上。



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  • duanpo2813 2017-12-06 17:52

    This is a very generic question. There are plenty of hosting providers out there - AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean to name a few.

    To decide which one is the best, you need to provide more information:

    • What matters most to you? Pricing, support, availability, technology solutions / capabilities, ease of scaling?
    • What's your tech stack, starting with database, caching, CDNs, etc.(the whole works)? Laravel and ReactJS alone does not describe your tech stack unless you're using local file drivers for everything (such as sessions, cache, config) and SQLite as your DB.
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