dongzhi1851 2017-05-23 01:56
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First of all, I am a Chinese student. I will try my best to explain my question, but my English is not very good. So sorry. In my login web, I will use ajax post data(id,passwd...) to a route. After all confirm, if the data was right, login web will redirect to another web route. But the controller function can not redirect. Like:

return redirect('wx/setdev');
//not work in controller function ,but work in route function

If I submit a form to controller, controller can redirect to the web route but ajax can't.

   _token : "{{csrf_token()}}",
   user : $('#num').val(),
   passwd : $('#passwd').val()

I don't know why! Please help me with this.


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  • dongmou1964 2017-05-23 04:14

    Instead of returning an redirect to the ajax response, you have to return the url and let the ajax callback function redirect to the url.

    So you need to change

    return redirect('wx/setdev');


    return url('wx/setdev');

    and in your jQuery ajax post, pass an third parameter for the success callback function to redirect

    $.post("{{route('cfmlogin')}}", {
        _token : "{{csrf_token()}}",
        user : $('#num').val(),
        passwd : $('#passwd').val()
    }, function (data) {
        window.location = data;
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